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The most common problem in the mortgage business is not preparing for the future.  Too many home owners take on this tremendous amount of debt without really analyzing how it fits into their overall financial wellness.  Your mortgage is just one part of your financial picture.

What steps are you taking to prepare for rising interest rates?  What strategy have you developed to minimize your interest costs?

My business focuses on identifying common problems in the mortgage business & providing pro-active solutions for my clients.  In addition to providing the best mortgage products, I execute the following with each client:

Develop a customized strategy:
Once we sort out the details of your mortgage, we develop a customized plan designed to:

  1. Pay off more principle
  2. Reduce your interest costs
  3. Prepare for the return to higher interest rates

Not only will your mortgage be adjusted for inflation, but you’ll save thousands in the process.

Register Clients With Mortgage Monitor:
After establishing your strategy, each client is equipped with Mortgage Monitor – a personalized mortgage manager that tracks up-to-the-minute details of your mortgage.  This is a very useful tool that breaks down each individual mortgage payment in detail (principle/interest portion, outstanding balance, etc.).   The beauty of Mortgage Monitor is it also allows users to input sample prepayment options to compare exactly how much interest will be saved, how the outstanding balance will be affected at the end of term & how much time will be shaved off your mortgage.

Annual Review:
Because the mortgage market is always changing, I hold an annual review with each client to look at changes to your financial picture, income, expenses, interest rates & interest rate forecasts, then fine tune our strategy to ensure we are still going to accomplish the objectives we set out to achieve.

Stay In Touch Program:
As part of our ongoing service commitment to clients, my Stay In Touch program provides clients with mortgage & real estate market updates, homeowner tips, tricks & useful reminders throughout the year, helping to maximize your home ownership experience.


If you are the kind of person who cares about the bigger picture, wants to see all the angles & be well-prepared for the future, than we will not only work well together, but we’ll save you a lot of money along the way.